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We specialize in the plastic surgeries and aesthetic medicine operations of the different difficulty level.
At present, our clinic is located on Fredra street 22 in Katowice.


Arkadiusz is a surgeon. He specializes in plastic surgery. He works professionally from 1990 both in the public and the private healthcare. He completed numerous training courses and he ran professional practice in Poland, but also in Germany and in the United Kingdom.

Before the operation, dr. Arkadiusz Kuna will answer your every question, even the hardest one.

Mirosława is an experienced nurse, working in the plastic surgery from 1997. She is the member of The Polish Association of Burn Treatment and The Polish Association of Wound Treatment, and also an experienced instructor of the health education. Mrs. Mirosława will assist the surgeon during the operation, put on and change a dressing both directly after the operation and during the next visits in the surgery.

Ewa works as a nurse, assisting in the operating room from 1982. Work of this kind is her life passion, because thank to it she contributes to the positive change of one’s image and the improvement of health and the comfort of life.

Marta deals with the patients’ registration, selecting convenient dates and reminds about the date of an approaching visit. She reads and responds e-mail correspondence. She tries to answer the patients’ questions, which concern a surgery. In case of any doubts or problems she will contact with dr. Arkadiusz Kuna, facilitating in this way the dialogue between the patients and the doctor.

Marta will also inform you about the necessity of coming to the changing of the dressing and the medical check-up in due course.


Out-patients’ department, in which we carry out the operations in the local anaesthetic is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to the radiowave diathermy, lasertherapy and to the transplantation of the autogenic fat and the mother cells.

In the operation room, in which we carry out the operations of the general anaesthetic we have at our disposal the equipment for electrosurgical diathermy and also light retractors for the breast operations, the equipment for liposuction (including bodyjet), and the state-of-the-art equipment for anaesthesia and the patients’ monitoring.
Watch the gallery, dedicated to our team and to the equipment of our clinic.


The first thing you must do is contact us. You can write an e-mail if you have specific questions, you can also fill in a special contact form. If you prefer more direct form of contact, you can phone the reception- the number is: +48 784 022 060. You may also click the bookmark on the right side of the screen and leave your number; in this case we will call you back in the most suitable date for you.

After the registration at Mrs. Marta the consultation follows, during which you will tell us about your expectations and you will confront them with the capabilities of our clinic. You will also learn about the possible ways of treatment, preparations for the surgery, and the possible complications and action after the surgery.

Next, we will set the date of the surgery and you will learn what possible medical tests you have to take and also how to prepare for the operation. Likewise, after the surgery you will receive an extract and additional recommendations, concerning medicines, changing of the dressings and also information when to come on the medical check-up.

Below, you will find the attachments to download. We ask for filling in the Customer’s Satisfaction Survey and submitting it in the reception. Thanks to the Survey, we know what we can do better.

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